Szkoła Główna Mikołaja Kopernika


Magdalena Pilska – Piotrowska

“The Copernican principle in the light of the search for life in space” – we invite you to the Magdalena Pilska-Piotrowska’s open lecture | Copernican Lectures

Prof. Fabrizio Giulimondi

Researchers at SGMK on the problem of suicide among children | College of Medical Sciences research project

prof. Paul Krugman fot. Fred R. Conrad/The New York Times SGMK

Nobel laureate Prof. Paul Krugman at the Nicolaus Copernicus Superior School


SGMK at ISC High Performance 2024 – The purchase of supercomputer for SGMK scientists is rapidly approaching

Bez nazwy (2000 x 1000 px) (1)

A young scientist of the College of Medical Sciences of SGMK wins the #START 2024 Scholarship!

prof. William Moerner

Another lecture by a Nobel laureate within the framework of “SGMK – University of the Future” | Prof. William E. Moerner from Stanford gave a lecture to SGMK students


SGMK – University of the Future: Lecture by Nobel laureate Professor William E. Moerner for the SGMK Students: “Single Molecules and Light: Opening a Window into the Biological Nanoscale”

Projekt bez nazwy (19)

Nobel Prize winner Professor Joachim Frank delivers a lecture to SGMK students and faculty: “Cryo-EM of Biomolecules – A Cold Look at the Building Blocks of Life”


Futurist of the Year 2024 Science Congress

SGMK intro

New postgraduate programs at SGMK. Admissions start soon!

Gerd Leonhard on stage FOTY2024

What is the future of education and science? Third day of the Futurist of The Year congress

2 DZIEŃ | FOTY2024

Second day of the FOTY2024 Congress. The future of banking

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Futurist of The Year 2024 – we know the winners!

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Nobel laureate’s lecture inaugurated the 2024 FUTURIST OF THE YEAR Congress. The Nicolaus Copernicus Superior School’s Festival of Science is underway.

Working Data Center Full of Rack Servers and Supercomputers, Modern Telecommunications, Artificial Intelligence, Supercomputer Technology Concept.3d rendering,conceptual image.

Supercomputer for SGMK scientists – consultation launched

prof. Rafał Stasikowski

“Between determinacy and flexibility of law” – lecture by Professor Rafal Stasikowski | Open seminar of the College of Legal Sciences in Lublin.

Dr Dorothea Baur

Dr. Dorothea Baur, an expert on ethics and development in technology and finance industry, president of Baur Consulting, will be a speaker at the FOTY 2024 Congress

Dr Ousmène Jacques Mandeng

Dr. Ousmène Jacques Mandeng Accenture digital banking and fintech expert will be a speaker at the FOTY 2024 Congress


We invite you to the Robert Szaj’s lecture “Nicolaus Copernicus in Culture” | Copernican Lectures

Kolegium Astronomii i Nauk Przyrodniczych w Toruniu - budynek

Recruitment for the Doctoral School at the College of Astronomy and Natural Sciences – Extension of Deadlines

Gerd Leonhard - zdjęcie

Gerd Leonhard announced as a Speaker

We are proud to present Gerd Leonhard as one of the esteemed speakers at the scientific Congress, Futurist of The Year 2024, under the „Dom Kopernika
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