Szkoła Główna Mikołaja Kopernika

A young scientist of the College of Medical Sciences of SGMK wins the #START 2024 Scholarship!

Dr. Jakub Morze, professor at the College of Medical Sciences of the Nicolaus Copernicus Superior School, became a laureate of the 32nd edition of the prestigious #START scholarship program of the Foundation for Polish Science. 

The #START program is Poland’s oldest scholarship program for the most talented young researchers representing different fields of science. Its goal is to support and encourage the further development of their work. In this year’s competition, the Foundation awarded the scholarships with a total value of PLN 3,056,000.  

The winners of the 2024 edition of the #START scholarship program were chosen among the most promising Polish scientists. Dr. Jakub Morze, a researcher at the SGMK College of Medical Sciences, was selected from more than 600 candidates by the Foundation’s expert panel. This year’s winners represented various scientific disciplines, but it is worth noting that the largest number of scholarships, as many as 30, were awarded in the fields of biology, medicine and earth sciences. 

For his scientific achievements in the field of health sciences Dr. Jakub Morze will receive a scholarship of PLN 30,000, which he can use to continue his scientific research. 

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