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Nicolaus Copernicus Superior School cordially invites you to use the free Academica system, which allows you to quickly access almost any publication (3,769,076) that the National Library has in its holdings. The Academica system provides access to digital resources, including contemporary books and scholarly journals from all fields of knowledge, including the most recent ones covered by copyright protection.

Browsing the system’s resources is possible from any computer and without the need for an account, but access to the full text of the publications is granted only on terminals available in the SGMK Computer Room. Registration and login are required to use these resources. Logging in takes place using individual access data: login and password. Use of the publication is only possible in terms of displaying its content on the terminal screen and copying quotations of up to 3600 characters to the notepad provided by the system.

A service on banking and economics, aimed at students, academics and financial professionals, local government officials and entrepreneurs. Nicolaus Copernicus Superior School has access to the electronic version of the ‘BANK Financial Monthly’, accessed from the University’s computer workstations.

As part of the national licence, EBSCO offers all academic and scientific institutions in Poland free access to the basic package, which includes 16 comprehensive scientific databases and EBSCO Open Dissertations™ – an international database of theses and dissertations.

The Academic Search™ Ultimate and Business Source® Ultimate databases included in the package are among the most widely used academic resources in the world by leading academic centres.


Academic Search™ Ultimate is the most comprehensive, popular, multi-domain full-text database of scholarly publications. The database features journals and periodicals in English and local languages across North America, Africa, Asia, Oceania, Europe, Latin America with unprecedented global coverage. Many journals are indexed in leading citation indexes, demonstrating the high quality of the resources. The combination of locally published and globally sourced material makes Academic Search Ultimate a comprehensive research tool for students seeking a comprehensive resource with a global perspective.

  • 9,795 active full-text journals and periodicals not available in the Open Access model
  • 9,082 active full-text peer-reviewed journals and periodicals, not available under the Open Access model
  • 7,027 active full-text peer-reviewed journals and periodicals, not available in the Open Access model, not embargoed
  • 5,533 active full-text journals and periodicals, not available in the Open Access model indexed in Web of Science or Scopus

In addition, Academic Search Ultimate includes a collection of more than 75,000 Associated Press videos. A carousel of videos in the results list makes it easy to access the video associated with the search term. The oldest videos date from the 1930s to the present. New material is added every month. Film topics include current and historical events recorded on film, famous people (politicians, actors, athletes), art, music, science and technology. Academic Search Ultimate includes ‘Ahead of Print’ resources for selected titles from key publishers.

Business Source® Ultimate is the most comprehensive full-text database available on business and economic sciences. The database enables you to follow global trends and current business topics. With over 2,300 active full-text magazines and journals in English and local languages across North America, Africa, Asia, Oceania, Europe, Latin America, Business Source Ultimate provides access to local business news on an unprecedented scale. Business Source Ultimate also includes case studies, economic reports, country reports, SWOT analyses, company profiles, interviews with experienced entrepreneurs and analysts introducing students to the tasks they will face in the future. Topics covered include: accounting, administration, banking, economics, finance, human resource management, management, marketing and sales.

  • 3,512 active full-text journals and periodicals not available in the Open Access model
  • 2,410 active full-text peer-reviewed journals and periodicals, not available under the Open Access model
  • 1,759 active full-text peer-reviewed journals and periodicals, not available in the Open Access model, without embargo
  • 1,171 active full-text journals and periodicals not available in the Open Access model indexed in Web of Science or Scopus

Regional Business News – is an addition to the Business Source database and contains the full texts of regional US business publications. Included in the database are newspapers, radio and television news transcripts, trade publications and news reports.

Health Source: Nursing/Academic Edition– contains full-text journals, including scientific peer-reviewed journals, as well as abstracts and citations of journals in the health sciences, particularly nursing and health care.

Health Source: Consumer Edition – contains full texts of journals, monographs and brochures as well as Clinical Reference Systems reports in the fields of health care, general medicine, sports medicine, nutrition, family health, child health, health problems such as cancer, diabetes, alcohol addiction, drug addiction, problems of aging.

Master File Premier  – a multidisciplinary full-text database designed especially for public libraries. It contains full-text journals on general, social, business, health, education, multicultural issues. The database contains full-text monographs and encyclopaedic publications, reference documents and collections of photographs, maps and flags. The database includes a PDF archive since 1975 of such prestigious publications as American Libraries, Foreign Affairs, History Today, Judaism, Library Journal, National Review, Natural History and Science News. Along with Master File Premier, the MasterFILE Reference eBook Subscription database is also included in the Basic Package. 

Newspaper Source – a full-text database offering access to US and international newspapers in English. Includes full texts of The Times, The Sunday Times, Daily Mail, Bucharest Daily News, Budapest Sun, Slovak Spectator, Toronto Star, Bangkok Post, The Australian, Irish Times, Kuwait Times, Japan Times, Kyodo News International, The Economic Times and many US newspapers such as The Washington Post, The Washington Times, USA Today, Christian Science Monitor, Boston Globe, Chicago Tribune, Daily News (New York) and other regional newspapers in the USA. In addition, it includes transcriptions of news broadcast by US radio and television channels: CBS News, CNN, CNN International, FOX News, NPR and others.


Agricola – contains bibliographic data from the National Agricultural Library at the US Department of Agriculture. It contains bibliographic descriptions of journal articles, monographs, scientific papers, patents, software, audiovisual material, reports, book chapters and reference documents on various aspects of agriculture and related sciences, such as biotechnology, entomology, crop science, animal husbandry, veterinary science, aquaculture and fisheries, forestry, ecology, food and nutrition, agricultural economics, agricultural engineering, technology, environmental protection and others.

MEDLINE– is a database in medicine published by the US National Library of Medicine and contains indexes and abstracts of scientific journals published in 60 languages in the fields of medicine, nursing, dentistry, veterinary medicine, health care and biomedical sciences. Archives in the database date back to 1809. The database uses a medical thesaurus (MeSH index card). The database includes bibliographic descriptions from Index Medicus, International Nursing Index, Index to Dental Literature, HISTLINE, SPACELINE, PREMEDLINE®, AIDSLINE®, BIOETHICSLINE® and HealthSTAR®.

ERIC (Education Resources Information Center) – is a database published by the Education Resources Information Center at the US Department of Education, containing bibliographic descriptions and links to full-text documents in the fields of education, education and the social sciences with archives since 1966, such as: Chronicle of Higher Education, Innovations in Education & Teaching International, School Planning & Management, British Journal of Educational Technology, Education Statistics Quaterly.

GreenFILE – contains information from extensive research on all aspects of human impact on the environment. It includes a collection of scientific, government and popular science publications on global climate change, environmentally friendly construction, pollution, sustainable agriculture, renewable energy, recycling and more. The database includes indexes and abstracts, as well as full-text articles from open access sources.

Library, Information Science& Technology Abstracts (LISTA) – contains indexes and abstracts of key journals and indexes selected journal content. In addition, the database includes bibliographic descriptions and abstracts of reports, monographs and conference proceedings on library science, classification, cataloguing, bibliometrics, online information retrieval, information management and many other topics. The archives in the database date back to 1960.

Teacher Reference Center – contains indexes and abstracts from scholarly peer-reviewed journals. Topics covered in the database include, but are not limited to: assessment systems; descriptions of best practice; recent pedagogical research; curriculum development; primary, higher and continuing education; instructional materials; language teaching; literacy assessment standards; school administration; science and technology; and teacher education.

European Views of the Americas (1493-1750) – is a bibliographic database developed by EBSCO in collaboration with the John Carter Brown Library based on the collection European Americana: A Chronological Guide to Works Printed in Europe Relating to the Americas, 1493-1750. Founded in 1846, the John Carter Brown Library collects unique documents and books and conducts advanced historical and humanities research. The European Views of Americas (1493-1750) database was created for those interested in accessing texts about the Americas written by Europeans between 1493 and 1750. The database covers the history of European discovery in the Americas, descriptions of indigenous peoples, natural disasters, disease and slavery.

User brochure: DOWNLOAD

The Internet System of Legal Acts – ISAP database contains bibliographic descriptions and texts of legal acts published in official publications: Dziennik Ustaw and Monitor Polski, published by the President of the Council of Ministers.

Electronic databases

It is one of the most modern digital libraries in the world and also the largest of its kind in Poland. The National Library makes available on the service not only its own collection, but also the objects of other institutions – digitised using the most up-to-date technologies, allowing the highest quality to be achieved.

A website established in 2007, whose primary objective is to collect, process and make available online information on the collections of Polish libraries and scientific and cultural institutions.

A digital library, virtual museum and archive with the aim of making Europe’s cultural and scientific heritage accessible online, which collaborates with more than 3,000 cultural institutions in Europe.

It is a service that provides online access to descriptions and scans of archival material digitised in Polish archives.

The repository contains open access publications by Polish scientists. It makes available various types of scientific materials, such as articles, books, conference materials, reports or dissertations. Access to all materials collected in the repository is open. The repository follows the Open Archive Initiative’s (OAI) metadata extraction protocol, which makes the documents available in the repository easy to find through digital scholarly resource services. The repository is based on DSpace software, adapted to local needs by developers from the Centre for Open Science.

Central catalogue of some of Poland’s scientific and academic libraries. Launched in 2002. It contains descriptions of various types of publications: books, journals, sound recordings, music prints, films, cartographic and iconographic documents or documents of social life. Electronic versions of publications are indicated in the descriptions.

International digital library under the auspices of UNESCO, the US Library of Congress. Publishes valuable materials for their contribution to the world’s cultural heritage.

The repository, developed thanks to the OpenAIRE and CERN initiative, is an international repository of research data that allows scientists in all fields of knowledge to easily archive and share research data they have developed.

This is a portal that was created with openness in research and education in mind. The portal offers an accessible and knowledgeable introduction to the fundamentals of open science, up-to-date information on good practices, tools and events, and a knowledge base with publications on open science communication models.

It is a portal of agreement between NGOs and institutions working in the field of education, science and culture. The mission of the Open Education Coalition is to support the creation of open educational resources and promote related good practices and tools.

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