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AI&EDU SGMK | Day 2: AI in the fight against cyberbullying, cyber security, prompt engineering, technology vs. geopolitics

Can technology serve humanity by improving quality of life and online safety? The answer to this question was provided by Samurai Labs’ Patrycja Tempska, among others, opening the second day of the AI&EDU SGMK scientific congress with her talk.  

The co-founder of Samurai Labs presented practical applications of AI in mental health care. She discussed projects implemented by Samurai Labs using AI to counter cyberbullying and prevent suicidal behaviour. 

The AI&EDU SGMK takes place in Warsaw and is the largest venue for the debate on AI in science and industry with leading experts from around the world. 

Second day of the congress: technology and our lives, AI against cyberbullying, cyber security, geopolitics 

On the second day of the congress, the debate will revolve around harnessing the potential of AI in various areas, both cyber security and education. Challenges in data management, ethics and accountability for decisions made by algorithms will be discussed.  

How can AI help solve geopolitical problems, what role does it play in ensuring national security? Does AI offer tools to detect and neutralise cyber threats? Is artificial intelligence helpful and honest? How does it affect our lives? These are among the many questions that will be addressed during the second day of the congress.  

Experts will also discuss the ethical aspects of AI, such as the transparency of algorithms, privacy protection and accountability for decisions made by artificial intelligence. They will also talk about how AI can be used ethically and responsibly, providing societal benefits and minimising potential risks. 

Among the speakers on the second day of the congress, we will hear from Peter C. Bishop -futurologist, professor of strategic foresight at the University of Houston, Dr Mark Esposito -professor at Harvard University, global thought leader of the “Fourth Industrial Revolution”, Colin W.P. Lewis -professor at the University of Warsaw, researcher at AGISI, expert in applied AI, Krzysztof Dykie – President of ComCERT S.A, co-founder of Applications Critical, former vice-president of ZUS, General Cezary Janowski, Head of the Board of Planning the Use of Armed Forces and Training of the General Staff of the Polish Armed Forces, Prof. Gennaro Terracciano – prominent administrative law specialist and Pro-rector of the University of Rome “Foro Italico”, Jan Czarnocki – expert in the law of new technologies, personal data protection and AI regulation, advisor at HeyGen, and Dr. Mariusz Miąsko – Prof. SGMK, College of Legal Sciences of SGMK.  


Inspired by AI – SGMK invites you to the postgraduate programs of the future

SGMK’s AI&EDU Congress “Artificial Intelligence in Science and Industry of the Future” is a unique opportunity to learn about the role of AI in various industries by participating in discussions with the best minds of our time.

It’s not only the AI&EDU SGMK congress that ties Nicolaus Copernicus Superior School and AI together. We have also now opened now admissions for new postgraduate programs in the areas of security, artificial intelligence, as well communication and futurology. Students can apply now for: Cyber Security and Security of Financial and Public Institutions; Communication and Strategic Foresight, and MBA in Banking and Financial System. These programs are an opportunity to gain prestigious qualifications. Students can attend lectures given by expert practitioners from around the world. 

We invite you watch the live broadcast of the congress and to learn more about the congress details at:

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