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Communication, strategic foresight, cyber security, AI – a future direction

dr. hab. Sławomir Gawroński

"Communication and Strategic Foresight postgraduate program at SGMK places great emphasis on the practical application of acquired knowledge. Students learn how to use modern communication tools, conduct trend analysis and create strategies effective not only today, but also taking into account future challenges,” says Dr. Sławomir Gawroński, director of the ‘Communication and Strategic Foresight’ postgraduate program at SGMK, in an interview with Wirtualne Media.

Practical interdisciplinary knowledge 

The ‘Communication and Strategic Foresight’ postgraduate program at SGMK is an excellent opportunity to broaden horizons and obtain interdisciplinary knowledge. Students learn how to combine skills from different disciplines, which allows them to better understand complex communication phenomena and foresee future trends. As Prof. Gawroński emphasizes, practical exercises and project work teach them how to apply theory to real-life situations, which significantly increases their competencies and the value of Nicolaus Copernicus Superior School post-graduates in the labor market. 

Benefits for future employers 

Employers will gain experts who are familiar with the latest trends, who understand consumer behavior and market segmentation. They can anticipate and respond to market changes, which is extremely important in a dynamically changing business environment. “Such specialists are able to create and implement communication strategies that not only respond to current needs, but also prepare the company for future challenges. In addition, they are well prepared to work in international teams, which is a huge asset in an increasingly globalized world,” noted the director of the postgraduate program “Communication and Strategic Foresight” at SGMK.  

Communication – a key element of the organizational structure 

“Nowadays, when technology and communication are developing at a dizzying pace, the ability to anticipate future trends and adapt to them becomes crucial. Modern, well-designed academic programs teach how to identify and analyze not only current, but also future scenarios, which allows greater preparation for the upcoming changes, and an innovative program in strategic foresight is a key part of that,” highlighted Prof. Gawroński. 

He emphasized that the program is an excellent opportunity to broaden horizons, grow and prepare for future challenges. Students learn to better understand complex phenomena and anticipate future trends, helping them grow in both their professional and personal lives.

According to Prof. Gawroński, graduates of the Communications and Strategic Foresight postgraduate program at SGMK will be prepared to work as communications specialists at major technology companies, where they will be responsible for analyzing trends and creating communications strategies that take into account future changes in consumer behavior and the development of new technologies.  

Admissions for postgraduate programs at the Nicolaus Copernicus Superior School are now open 

We invite you to apply for the Communication and Strategic Foresight and Cybersecurity and Security of Financial and Public Institutions (AI) programs . 

We are also accepting applications for the next edition of our elite MBA program “Banking and Financial System”

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