Nicolaus Copernicus Superior School

National Conference of Young Scientists at the College of Legal Sciences of SGMK

The National Conference of Young Scientists entitled “Current Legal Issues” was held at the College of Legal Sciences of the Nicolaus Copernicus Superior School in Lublin on June 22. The conference was opened by Prof. Fabrizio Giulimondi, Acting Rector of SGMK. 

The event was attended by 14 speakers from 7 academic institutions: Comillas Pontificial University (Spain), Zamość Academy, John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin, Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski University, John Paul II Pontifical University of Krakow, University of Siedlce and Nicolaus Copernicus Superior School. 

The conference consisted of three sessions, which were moderated successively by: Prof. Paweł Buconia, Dr. Marzena Andrzejewska and Rev. Dr. Paweł Lewandowski. 

Among the topics of discussion were artificial intelligence, the questioning of witnesses in administrative and judicial processes, discrimination in Polish and EU legal order, the right to marriage and family, lunar and cislunar activities, ETFs and investment funds, cassation control in criminal cases, the status of apostolic administrator, private and public financing of the Catholic Church, the law-making model of Wladyslaw Leopold Jaworski, and economic freedom in the Polish Constitution. 

The conference was closed by Rev. Dr. Pawel Lewandowski, professor at SGMK, Vice Dean of the SGMK College of Legal Studies. 

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