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Nobel laureate Prof. Paul Krugman at the Nicolaus Copernicus Superior School

We are pleased to announce that the next Nobel laureate to visit Nicolaus Copernicus Superior School (SGMK) will be Prof. Paul Krugman – economist, winner of the Nobel Prize in Economics (2008), creator of the new economic geography (a theory explaining phenomena related to, among other things, the process of globalization in economy) and the new trade theory.

Prof. Krugman will deliver a lecture during a science conference, a crowning event of the academic year 2023/2024, hosted on June 28th by the Nicolaus Copernicus Superior School. Prof. Krugman is also the winner of the Futurist of The Year 2024 Award in the Banking category, awarded in a competition organized by SGMK. His presence at the conference has been announced in April by Prof. Konrad Raczkowski, when he was accepting the award on behalf of Prof. Krugman at the Futurist of The Year 2024 congress.

Prof. Krugman will also give a special lecture for SGMK students in the frameworks of “SGMK – University of the Future”. 

fot. Fred R. Conrad/The New York Times


“SGMK – University of the Future” is a series of special lectures held as part of the university-wide cooperation of the Colleges at the Nicolaus Superior School. The lectures are delivered by renowned scientists and experts from the world’s leading research centers.

So far, special lectures for SGMK students and doctoral students have been given by Prof. Didier Queloz (Nobel laureate, Professor of Physics at the University of Cambridge and Geneva University), Prof. Joachim Frank (Nobel laureate, biophysicist at Columbia University), Prof. William E. Moerner (Nobel laureate, physical chemist and chemical physicist), Dr. Michael L. Brodie (Harvard University and M.I.T.), Prof. John Tasioulas (Oxford University), Prof. Mark Coeckelbergh (University of Vienna), Jonathan Brill (futurologist), Dr. Ousmène Jacques Mandeng (Accenture and Harvard Review expert), Gerd Leonhard (futurologist, one of the world’s best speakers), Thomas Frey (futurologist, ranked the best futurologist in the world by Google), or Prof. Peter C. Bishop (University of Houston).

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