Szkoła Główna Mikołaja Kopernika

The SGMK – Nicolaus Copernicus Superior School provides students, doctoral students and graduates with direct access to the knowledge offered by scientists and specialists from the best science centers in the world. To this end, we have organized an interdisciplinary international special lecture series “SGMK – University of the Future” . University of the Future is an integral part of the SGMK curriculum (first and second degree studies, as well as doctoral school and postgraduate studies).

| SGMK – University of the Future is an initiative supporting quality education, which aims to provide students in Poland with direct access to the knowledge of outstanding scientists and specialists from around the world, without the need to go abroad. Nicolaus Copernicus Superior School’s “University of the Future” enables students to attend lectures, classes and workshops conducted by scientists from Harvard, Cambridge, Oxford, and M.I.T. Universities, among others, including many Nobel Prize winners, or specialists and experts from the world’s science, research and consulting centers.

So far, special lectures for SGMK students and doctoral students have been given by:

Dr. Michael L. Brodie (Harvard University and M.I.T.)
prof. William E. Moerner (Nobel laureate, Stanford University)
Gerd Leonhard (futurist, one of the world's best speakers)
Prof. Joachim Frank (Nobel laureate, Columbia University)
Prof. John Tasioulas (Oxford University)
dr. Ousmène Jacques Mandeng (Accenture and Harvard Review expert)
Jonathan Brill (futurist, Forbes’ #1 futurist and “the world’s leading transformation architect”)
Prof. Mark Coeckelbergh (University of Vienna)
Prof. Peter C. Bishop (University of Houston)
Thomas Frey (futurologist, ranked by Google as the best futurologist in the world)
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