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Symbol of Modern Education 2024 – Nicolaus Copernicus Superior School nominated for the award

Nagroda Symbol 2024

Nicolaus Copernicus Superior School (SGMK) has been nominated for the Symbol of Modern Education 2024 award.

The Chapter of the 14th Edition of the nationwide program, conducted in “Business Monitor”, “Rzeczpospolita”, “Market Monitor”, “Dziennik Gazeta Prawna” and “Puls Biznesu” decided to nominate SGMK for the Symbol 2024 title. Once again, the Nicolaus Copernicus Superior School is recognized for its outstanding educational quality.

SGMK is a public academic institution distinguished by its international character, interdisciplinarity and high quality of teaching. The nomination for the award is an expression of appreciation of its past activities and achievements.

SYMBOL 2024 – Award for those who change the world for the better

SYMBOL is a nationwide program awarding companies and institutions that are unsurpassed role models in their industry, by focusing on the future, progress and innovative solutions, transforming their environment with intelligent mechanisms based on knowledge and competence.

During the thirteen editions of the Symbol program, some 800 institutions been recognized.

Nicolaus Copernicus Superior School Internationality | Interdisciplinarity | High quality teaching

Nicolaus Copernicus Superior School (SGMK) is a new academic institution that interdisciplinary links five “Copernican” disciplines, running a doctoral school within the colleges of Toruń, Olsztyn, Lublin, Cracow and Warsaw. 

 SGMK provides students with direct access to the knowledge of scientists and experts from the top research centers, including many Nobel Prize winners. We educate leaders of the future, ready to face the challenges of the digital revolution, our curriculum is created and implemented by world-class specialists. Since its inception, SGMK has focused on high quality teaching, interdisciplinarity and internationality. 

New postgraduate programs in the areas of cyber security and artificial intelligence, as well as communication and futurology 

Nicolaus Copernicus Superior School is setting trends in teaching. We have just launched one of the first Polish postgraduate programs in Communications and strategic foresight and Cybersecurity and security of financial and public institutions (AI)

We are also accepting applications for the next edition of our elite MBA program “Banking and Financial System”. 

Admissions are underway, join us! 

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