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Patrycja Tempska from Samurai Labs will be speaking at AI&EDU SGMK on AI in combating cyberbullying

Patrycja Tempska, Samurai Labs

Patrycja Tempska, co-founder of Samurai Labs, will be a speaker at the AI&EDU SGMK scientific congress.

The AI&EDU SGMK science congress will be held on June 13-14 in Warsaw. Just like the Futurist of the Year SGMK, the largest futurological science congress of 2024, it will become an interdisciplinary space for the exchange of knowledge and experience of Polish and foreign experts and researchers. Read more about the AI&EDU scientific congress at the Nicolaus Copernicus Superior School.  

Patrycja Tempska is an Impact co-founder of Samurai Labs, an artificial intelligence lab that creates AI-based solutions to protect millions of users worldwide from cyberbullying and suicidal behavior. 

She conducts research on methods to prevent online violence. Together with support and education platform  “Życie Warte jest Rozmowy,” she is implementing a project called One Life, that reaches out to people in crisis with supportive interventions using neurosymbolic algorithms to analyze hundreds of millions of online conversations. 

She is also a co-author of scientific publications and a patent in the field of artificial intelligence and social sciences and holds a degree in philosophy. She was included in the Top 100 Women in AI list in 2022. 

Participants in the debate on artificial intelligence in science and industry of the future will include Agnieszka Pilat ambassador for SpaceX and Boston Dynamics, Polish-American artist and writer specializing in rendering portraits of technology to explore the relationship between humans and machines in the 21st century, Prof. Michael L. Brodie – professor at Harvard University, expert in AI and big data, Dr. Mark Esposito – professor of economics at Harvard University, world thought leader of the “Fourth Industrial Revolution,” as well as Prof. Andrzej Dragan, a distinguished speaker and leading Polish theoretical physicist, professor at the University of Warsaw and Prof. Colin W.P. Lewis, AGISI scientist and expert in applied AI.

We would like to thank our media partners for their support in organizing the congress. Congress media partners currently include: Business InsiderForbesDziennik Gazeta PrawnaSpider’s MediaPolska PressWprostObserwator Finansowy.

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