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Researchers at SGMK on the problem of suicide among children | College of Medical Sciences research project

The Nicolaus Copernicus Superior School is committed to finding solutions that respond to the challenges of the modern world. Diagnosis of public awareness of the issue of suicide among children was the subject of the meeting of the Advisory Team for the project “Suicidology – analysis of the state of knowledge and educational campaign” at the SGMK.  

The meeting was attended by Acting Rector Prof. Fabrizio Giulimondi, who emphasized the importance and foresight of the research project and announced the team’s cooperation within the framework of an inter-university Polish-Italian exchange in this area.  

During the meeting, the Advisory Team members discussed the most common myths and misconceptions about suicide among children, as well as the effectiveness of the methods used to educate and inform about this issue. An important theme emphasized by the researchers was the relationship between the problem of suicide and other social problems.  

The Advisory Team, chaired by Prof. Anna Antosik-Wójcińska, consisting of Dr. Anna Płatek, Prof. Adam Kobayashi, Dr. Marcin Zarzecki, Dr. Michał Leśniak, Prof. Andrzej Rynkiewicz, Dr. Jakub Morze, Dr. Mariusz Kuryłowicz, Dr. Jarosław Rychlik, Patryk Kaleta, M.D., and Edyta Hołodniuk, M.D., approved further activities in accordance with the project plan. 

“Suicidology – state of knowledge analysis and educational campaign” project implemented by the Nicolaus Copernicus Superior School is funded by the Ministry of Science. Its purpose is to diagnose the level of public awareness of the issue of suicide among children in various social groups. It will also include a sociological analysis of the phenomenon and the development of a comprehensive educational program.  

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